Introducing Kudzu Vines: a single platform for managing the full lifecycle of your company’s business forms.


Access and fill-out all of your forms in one central location, regardless of form type.


Quickly and easily build new forms with business user friendly tools.


High-Speed, High-Fidelity conversion of business forms from one format to another


Gain easier access to valuable business data previously locked up in static, file-based documents


Leverage leading business process automation platforms to add workflow to your forms.


Simplified Forms Migrations

Improve business agility by quickly moving from one form technology to another. Recreating forms as your company evolves from one form technology to another is staff and time intensive, and expensive. Respond to the current and future needs of the business and protect your development investments by moving easily from one form technology to another-now and in the future.

Rapid New Form Ideation and Creation

Free up valuable IT resources and give business users easy to use tools to envision and create new forms to support the changing business process and data capture needs of the business . Then leverage Vines to convert the forms to the output form type of your choice, and provide IT staff with the option of extending the functionality of the forms. The ideal marriage between business and IT.

Workflow Enabled Forms

Sending emails with static, file based attachments to request information or approvals from users is inefficient and hard to track. Stop using email and upgrade your old forms to leading business process automation platforms that enable workflow and line-of-business data integration. Ensure the right information gets to, and is captured by, the right person at the right time.

Valuable Insights

Email in-boxes, shared drives, and cloud storage are cluttered with file-based PDF, Word, Excel, and scanned paper forms containing valuable business information. Unlock that valuable data by converting those forms to web-based, database driven forms. Leverage the reporting tools of your choice to access that data or integrate that data with line-of-business systems and eliminate the time and errors associated with manual data entry.



Microsoft is deprecating InfoPath and is no longer investing in the forms technology. Companies looking for a replacement have a number of options. Kudzu Vines enables choice and allows customers to move each form to the appropriate replacement form type based on the functional requirements for each form.


Vines: a modern forms management

platform for today’s agile enterprise

Transform your current InfoPath forms into the replacement forms technology of your choice.


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