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Take a 4-letter word and add ulator: A recipe for success?

Take a 4-letter word and add ulator:  A recipe for success?

10 years ago I was the CTO at Bluethread Technologies, the folks behind StoragePoint. While I don’t remember the exact date, we launched StoragePoint at the SPTechCon in Boston in July 2009. That launch was accompanied by a tool I coined the BLOBulator. It was just a windows app that scanned your farm, analyzed content databases, and told you how much smaller they would be if you externalized the BLOBs. It was a huge hit. People loved it, it gave them numbers they couldn’t believe, and challenged them to try the software to validate them. And validate them they did!

Fast forward 10 years and I’m working with a new group of folks on an Enterprise Forms Management solution that among other things can convert a whole bunch of source form types, including InfoPath, to K2 SmartForms, PowerApps (prototype), and other target formats. We’ve honestly been a little challenged getting it in the hands of folks that could benefit from it without creating a pre-sales support nightmare. We’ve had partners and some customers just flood us with forms and asking us to convert them and send back the output…or just even a screenshot.

So, I thought to myself, can we just take a scaled-back version of Kudzu and publish it as a quick and easy way for someone to upload a file and see a preview of what it would look like in our Uniform™ model. It would also be great if it presented some findings and scored the form based on well-defined criteria for success…in other words will it work for me.


With that, my team set forth on building the FORMulator. Yes, I went there, but you probably figured that out already given the lead-in. I figured it worked extremely well once, so why not try it again. Besides, the FORMulator is A LOT prettier and does a lot more.

There’s no sign-up or giving us a bunch of information here. Try it, as many times as you want, and if you believe the results will benefit your organization then reach out to us…helpful links provided with the results.

We also encourage you to share it within your network…we made that easy too.

And to be clear, it will tell you if your baby is ugly, so be prepared for that. We just don’t see much point in giving you some sugarcoated response that encourages you to try the product and then have you disappointed with the actual result. You’re going to have forms that it handles very well and you’re going to want to get your hands on the product as soon as you can. Other forms, not so much, and you’re going to click that Try Another Form to see if that form was an outlier or not. I’m betting that you’re going to see enough value to reach out to us…the same bet I made with the BLOBulator and StoragePoint a decade ago.

Give the FORMulator a try and let us know what you think. There is a feedback button on the right-hand side of the page that you can click to provide feedback, share ideas, or report a problem. …or Click the Request a FREE Trial or Contact Us link to direct a message to our pre-sales team.

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