Vines for K2

Future-Proof and Manage the Full Lifecycle of Your Business Forms

Industry Trends & Challenges

Companies are awash in business forms that come in many formats – InfoPath, PDFs, Word and Excel documents, and even paper. The data captured within these forms and the workflow these forms drive are critical to running the business. But too often these forms are un-managed, created ad-hoc, and re-created over and over again as new formats and technologies are adopted. These forms and the data they contain are locked up in cloud drives, hard drives, and inboxes, and are routed around inefficiently with email. Organizations must find a way to consolidate, manage, efficiently route, and extract data from these forms in order to digitally transform their business processes.

K2 + Kudzu Vines Solution

The Kudzu Vines forms conversion solution allows companies to rapidly and seamlessly move their static, file-based and paper forms to web-based, database-driven K2 SmartForms that integrate with other line-of-business systems in a matter of seconds. Avoid email routing and enable workflow with your forms to ensure the right information gets to the appropriate person at the correct time. Make critical business decisions from the valuable insights captured to realize the full value of your digital forms.

Turbo-charge your K2 SmartForms Investment

Simplified forms migrations

Realize time and labor savings with easy migration and conversion of existing forms to K2 Smartforms​​.
Improve business agility by consolidating all your forms to a simple, usable format: K2 SmartForms.

Workflow enable your forms

Convert your current forms to K2 SmartForms and add workflows to ensure forms are distributed to the right users at the right time.​
Add advanced data integration and business logic to your forms to meet your unique automation needs.

Ideate and create forms quickly

Allow business users to choose the tools they already prefer to envision and create new forms​, then convert those forms to K2 Smartforms.
Free up valuable IT resources for more mission-critical tasks.

Gain insights and analytics from your forms

Find and extract valuable business data captured in your forms to use them in a meaningful way​​​.
Leverage reporting tools to access valuable business data and continually improve your processes​.

How it Works

Step 1: Translate

Vines input connectors read the UI, layout, schema and data sources from the form.
The form is disassembled into its constituent parts and translated into the Vines Uniform model.

Step 1: Translate

The translated form is persisted in the Uniform common model for immediate conversion.
The form is stored in the uniform model for future conversion to alternative form types..

Step 1: Translate

Use the Vines-K2 connector to reassemble the form as a K2 SmartForm based on the attributes identified in the Uniform model.


K2 and Kudzu provide a best-in-class solution for a variety of enterprise forms use cases, including forms conversions and rapid form ideation and creation. Leverage our combined expertise in forms and workflow and the power of our complementary technologies to digitally transform and continually improve your business processes.

K2 helps you build apps that drive your business forward. Create powerful forms, workflows, and business applications that tie into your line-of-business systems
The Kudzu Vines enterprise forms management platform allows you to seamlessly move forms from one format to another while enabling workflow with leading process automation tools to support the management of change, innovation and growth in your organization.

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